Close to my heart

I’ve got this beautiful necklace at Elliots funeral, the name of my two boys are engraved at the pendant (Oliver & Elliot). Now I can always keep my two boys close to my heart. When I opened the gift box and saw this beautiful piece of art I was deeply touched. The necklace is handmade by the very talented Petronella Eriksson, she’s a silversmith and a jewelery designer based in Stockholm and is one of the owners of LOD. Thank you Nella, I wear the necklace each and every day!


Teresa and her beautiful belly. Part I

One sunny Saturday in the beginning of February, Teresa and I met up in down town Gothenburg to scout for beautiful locations. We headed west to a place called “Röde sten” (the red stone), where we had heard that it should be an amazing wall of graffiti. It didn’t take long time before we found the right place. Wow! The graffiti was an amazing backdrop for portrait photography! It was freezing cold and after a while we headed to a cafe in Majorna to get the heat up again and then we drove to Eriksberg where we took the last shots. The light was perfect as the sun was about to set :) Thank you Teresa, it was a pleasure to shot you ♥ You are so beautiful and I’m lucky to say that you’re one of my closest friends!