Little is growing taller

Here are some pictures of a cute little girl called Edla, that was taken last weekend. Jakob and I had the honor to become Edlas godparents on her name giving ceremony last fall. We read this beautiful poem* for her at the ceremony.


“En liten kropp
med en stor stor själ
ett frö i oändlighetens

I blommande tillit
berörs våra hjärtan
av storhetens
svindlande hand

Känn vår tacksamhet
glädje så stor
och förundrade
blickar ibland

Varmt välkommen till oss
älskade barn
till denna kärlekens

Carolina Gårdheim


*The poem is in Swedish and here is my own translation:
“A small body with a great big soul, a seed in the arms of infinity
In flowering trust our hearts are touched by the hands of vertiginous greatness
Feel our gratitude, joy so great and the eyes of wonders among.
Welcome to us beloved child, to this harbor of love”

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