Close to my heart

I’ve got this beautiful necklace at Elliots funeral, the name of my two boys are engraved at the pendant (Oliver & Elliot). Now I can always keep my two boys close to my heart. When I opened the gift box and saw this beautiful piece of art I was deeply touched. The necklace is handmade by the very talented Petronella Eriksson, she’s a silversmith and a jewelery designer based in Stockholm and is one of the owners of LOD. Thank you Nella, I wear the necklace each and every day!


Teresa and her beautiful belly. Part I

One sunny Saturday in the beginning of February, Teresa and I met up in down town Gothenburg to scout for beautiful locations. We headed west to a place called “Röde sten” (the red stone), where we had heard that it should be an amazing wall of graffiti. It didn’t take long time before we found the right place. Wow! The graffiti was an amazing backdrop for portrait photography! It was freezing cold and after a while we headed to a cafe in Majorna to get the heat up again and then we drove to Eriksberg where we took the last shots. The light was perfect as the sun was about to set :) Thank you Teresa, it was a pleasure to shot you ♥ You are so beautiful and I’m lucky to say that you’re one of my closest friends!


A year filled with love

My son Elliot has completely changed my life. Forever. Within a time span of two months I had the honor to be the first to welcome and the last to say goodbye to him. I will tell the story from the beginning. It all started on November the 30th, 2010. I was pregnant in week 40+2 and started to feel that the baby would probably come so I took some last minute maternity self portraits.

Maternity shot of me

And I was right, later that night at 9:57 pm our beautiful little Elliot was born. 52 cm long and 3640 grams of pure love.

A newborn ElliotA newborn Elliot lying on my chest. Photo: Jakob Frändås

I remember that I was feeling so happy. Unfortunately the happiness didn’t last long. On the routine medical examination the doctor thought that he had too weak muscle tone and his newborn reflexes didn’t respond. She gave him 24 hours to become stronger and more active. But 24 hours later the issues still remained. I medical investigation begun, and 13 days after he was born one of his tests came back positive. Elliot had a very rare muscular disease called Spinal Musculare Athrophy (SMA) Type 1. The statics gave him 6 months. From that day we decided to live in the present, and to fully enjoy each day that was given to us. It was a time filled with a lot of love and joy, he spread so much love to everyone around him. Elliot really enjoyed life and he was especially fond of his big brother Oliver. He loved to bath, in the water he could move his legs. He also loved to do the exercises he got from his physiotherapist, when we did them he always smiled. Elliot was far more social than most of the newborns in his age, I guess it was because he didn’t have the motorical development to focus on. The last week in January he got a cold and got hospitalized. They gave him oxygen and kept his airways free from viscous mucus but in the end his little body couldn’t take any more. He took his last breathe on January 30th at 6.20 pm lying in my arms and with his father next to him. No words can describe how much we miss him. If you’re interested you can read a lot more on his blog. Elliot donated his heart valves and blood vessels around the heart after his death which can save up to three children :)

Elliot taught me what really matters in life. He showed me the power of living in the present and that unconditional love is the most beautiful thing in the world. I’m so happy and thankful for each day we got with him. I will always be a very proud mother to both my boys. And I have promised myself not to waste time waiting for things to happen, instead I will make hem happen! Each and every day. I will dedicate my photography to love. I have realized that the one thing you can’t have too much of, is photos of your loved ones. So from this day on, my main focus will be newborns, babies, kids, families and weddings. Generally said happy and positive beings and people in love!

These shots was taking when Elliot was 12 days old (one day before he got his diagnose). It was back then when I thought I had a lot of time to take newborn shots of him…

Oliver & ElliotJakob & Elliot

One thing I forgot to tell you about Elliot is that I liked to go to bed early, preferable around 8 pm and never alone. This particular night he was sad, and we couldn’t figure out why until he suddenly fell asleep in the middle of a cry.

Elliot sleeping

My two boys together :) These photos are really priceless for me.

Oliver & Elliot

Elliot eyes was so blue and beautiful. I wish from the bottom of my heart that he was healthy and that I could watch him grow old.

ElliotElliot & JakobElliotElliot

Rest in peace precious child ♥ Mommy will always love you!

A photo trip to Amundö

I has continued to dig in my photo archives and came across some photos from a photo trip to Amundö that I did togheter with Nhi, Andreas, Martin and Per a cold and windy day in May. I remember that I really was looking forward to shoot a spectacular seascape sunset, but I had to confine myself with dark heavy clouds. Because of the cold weather the photo trip didn’t last for as long as we had in mind, at the time for the sun to set we where sitting inside eating pizza :) I didn’t have any high expectations on my photos, but today I found some worth sharing :)